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The first time alone in the bus

Ago when I went to write calligraphy are the father or mother to accompany me to send me to take the bus, but today afternoon, my father and mother did not empty, so she let me try to make on my own ride to.

Before my departure, my mother worried that I will not ride and some unexpected things occurred, told me to explain the many noteworthy things, taught me to take what the road car, pay attention to safety when crossing the road. My mother told me that if firmly in mind in the heart after, alone on the road to go to take the bus. To the bus station, my mother said, then catch a 6-way car. Bit because the car's a lot of people, a sea of ​​people, I did not do. To Cultural Square when the car from the rear door under the car and press the mother accountable if safe crossed the road to the place I practice writing calligraphy.

    Came home from school, my mother asked me to say; "You first go ride military afraid of it?" I am proud to say; "Although I am a little afraid, but I'm very happy, monster beats detox because I learned how to ride the bus . "The mother praised me and said: "My the Yao awesome! Learned to ride the bus alone. Listened to her mother's praise, and flattered my heart.

    From time later, I was still in my car back and forth.